Saturday, August 13, 2016

MFT Camp Create Farewell Bonfire!

Camp week is quickly coming to an end and who doesn't like a good 
Bonfire to celebrate an awesome week!
 Bonfire Craft – Single Layer Savvy

I love the simplicity of a single layer card.  I stamped the images from Sweet Rose then colored with polychromas pencils.  Doesn't get any easier then that!
And now I have a card perfect to mail from camp.  

And the badge for attending the closing Bonfire. 
And all my badges this week!

See you tomorrow :)

Enablers List
MFT Sweet Roses
MFT Kraft cardstock
polychromas pencils 


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  1. this is so pretty Joyce. I did my shadow stamping on Kraft. i like the bold colors on the craft they stand out so nicely.


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