Sunday, February 26, 2012

SLICED! A Sewing Competition by Moda Bake Shop!

I'm having so much fun sewing this week!  This is my third entry in the Sliced competition. I've had this lamp sitting around, waiting for a little love.  So today I took it to the garage an gave it a coat of white spray paint. I was thinking it would match my studio if it were white, but then once I started playing with the Fandango Moda Fabrics I just couldn't stop.  So now most of what I had painted is cover, but it looks way cute! 

I started with fat a Fat Quarter Bundle of Fandago by Kate Spain for Moda.  I thought I had better take a picture of the name because I can never seem to remember the lines once the little salvage is cut off, and don't you know someone asked me this week!  That was my first lesson learned.....

I started with a yard sale left over lamp, and I say that because someone was actually going to toss the lamp and I needed some extra light in my studio so I rescued it!  The shade was paper so it was easily discarded and replaced with my handmade frilly, pretty, girly shade! 

I wasn't quite sure how to get the best photo so I took several with the lamp on....

and this one with the lamp off so you can see the natural color of the gorgeous fabrics! 

My second lesson was to see if the lamp actually comes apart before you decide to change it, it took a bit o rewireing to put the fabric on the base, but it was so worth it! 

From the Moda Bake Shop Blog:
The Challenge? All audition submissions must be some sort of Office/Studio Accessory.

It can be anything that would be used on or at an Office or Studio setting.

Sewing Basket of Mystery Items:

Fabrics used must feature at least one type of Moda precut. Additional Moda fabrics may be used to complete your project.

Project must use at least one type of buckle. This can be any size, shape or color.

Project must also include Quilt Batting somewhere in or on the project.

My project used:
Moda Fat Quarters from the Fandango Line.
I used 2 buckles as decoration on the shade.
I used batting to add a layer of stiffness to the lamp shade. 
Now that I'm reading "somewhere" on the project for the Quilt Batting I'm wondering how I can use Batting in a unique way?!  I guess you'll have to come back and visit to find out!


  1. It is REALLY cute! Great job!!!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!! Love all the embellishments you used to make it even more beautiful - great job!!

  3. Wow, what a great job and how creative are you!!! I love the way you have put the fabric on the stand as well as the shade.

  4. Oh, so how cool is this!! You amaze me with all your sewn goodies that you create! Wow... too cute!


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