Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!

It's been such an exciting week in our house.  We spent most of the week sending our daughter off to school.  This is her first year of college, her first time being away from home, and her very first time without her car since she turned 16. Monday we moved her in to her first dorm room, that is her in the back with her Roxy Bedding and all her stuff on her desk.  She is still trying to get things decorated.  It's about the size of her closet at home.  LOL 

Then yesterday we went to Convocation.  It was a beautiful day and very nice service.  The bag pipers were the perfect touch to make it a very special event.  All the freshmen were in matching T-shirts and they pulled the entire class together in just 15 minutes, and had them in groups and lined up.  Then a reception after with punch and cookies. 

Today we spent the day outside enjoying one of the last nice weekends of summer.  It was a cooler day so we walked the rails to trails in Bloomsburg, then took a picnic to the lake, then tonight we window shopped on main street and had dinner at a little Italian cafe.  On our way home we took the scenic route. 
Tomorrow we celebrate 18 years of marriage.  I'm celebrating by learning how to use my new camera:) 
If you see my wonderful husband pat him on the back for putting up with me all these years. 
Love you babe:)
 I did manage a little scrappy fun today by making an anniversary card with the new Webster's Vogue line. 
 It's so unique I just love it!


  1. Gorgeous card! Good luck to your daughter!!!!

  2. Oh best of luck to your daughter -- college is so exciting! :) And happy anniversary! Lovely card with a fun set of papers!

  3. how exciting for your daughter. and big happy anniversary to you!

  4. Happy Anniversary! How EXCITING for your DD. hope she has a GREAT year at college!! (and mom and dad survive too!) :)
    Your card is FANTASTIC too Joyce!

  5. Joyce, exciting times all around...Happy Anniversary!!
    Your daughter looks excited and happy, what a great dorm picture!

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary. Hope your daughter has a wonderful year at college.

  7. love how you used this line! happy anniversary to you and your sweetie :):):)


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