Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good morning sunshine!

Happy Wednesday!
We will see if my enthusiasm for this beautiful morning lasts all day!  Why would I say that you ask? Because I have been up several times last night and up for good at 5:27am.  I DO NOT see those hours of the day! 
Note to self......
*Just because Ed is away isn't a good excuse to eat junk food late at night, even if it is delivered and is made with spinach and chicken.  It's still a Calzone!
But hey, it's a good time to blog as that doesn't happen to often these here goes.  This week has been an awesome week to be a member of Split Coast Stampers Fan Club.  Let me just tell you about the awesome event that is going all right now.  The Fan Club is a place where each month 12 of the most awesome card makers are selected to join what is affectionately is know as the Dirty Girls.  These girls are given a them and post all their amazing projects for in a gallery where only SCS Fan Club Members can see it.  It's truly an honor to be part of this elite group of crafters.  Something I am aspiring to be someday, maybe.  This week they hold an awesome event for just Fan Club Members.  The event is a week long challenge where each day between  August 2nd and 8th 5 and 8 challenges are posted and you have until the 11th to get them all completed and uploaded. Why participate in this torturous event you might ask.   Why because it's a great excuse to get dirty and stamp lots of awesome cards all week long as well as win some pretty nice prizes from SCS Member Companies. 
You can join the Fan Club Here, or if you haven't already become a member you can join SCS Here.
Now on to some of the projects I have created this week. This is my second card using the sponging technique.  This is actually my favorite technique right now.  I love playing with my new sponged.  Who knew that this could actually be so easy. 

And then there are the late night cards where you are to tired to think any more and thankful for a challenge that lets clean and simple prevail.
And cards using techniques that are not your normal style.  But are fun anyway.
And cards that are just to funny....
And cards that let your sassiness show....and get censored! 
And finally even with the time crunch and goals to finish all 57 challenges you might even end up with a few that are keepers....
 I'll stop there this morning but you get the idea of the awesome time I'm having skype-ing with friends and getting dirty with the dirty girls at SCS.  My challenge to you is to come and join, take a look around and even one challenge completed makes you eligible for some pretty fun prizes! 
Have a great day! Hugs, Joyce



  1. All your cads are fantastic. The first one is gorgeous!

  2. SO fun!!! I think you have convinced me to join the fan club. I'm too late to the party to play this time...but I will be ready next time :-)

  3. You've done a great job with your cards. I love them all. Maybe I'll be able to make time for the next go round.

  4. We had fun didn't we? Love the great week of card making. Great creations, Joyce!

  5. My personal favorite is the first one, so very pretty the others are all great, cute funny or pretty in their own way ,,, I love sunsets and sun rises so thanks you for all you share


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