Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Fall Day here in PA!

OK, so it really is a beautiful fall day, unfortunately for today that means I had to wear gloves to go out for my walk this morning.  It was only 44 degrees!  But by the time I got back it has started to warm  up a bit and I was able to shed the gloves.  The leaves and such are just starting to change here.  The corn fields are starting to look brown at the bottom of the stalk and the deer are in full antlers.

This isn't the greatest pictured, but it was as close as I could get with the peacock ruling the roost on the steps.  And I wasn't tangling with them to get a better pic!

My great niece was here for the past few days.  
This is her spot in my craft room.  She had to make sure that each and everyone of my wood stamps saw ink while she was here.  

I was diligently trying to teach her how to clean them when she used them,
 although it was not a successful endeavor!

Have you visited the Simon Says blog this month for Stamptember?  
I look forward to visiting every morning! 
It's like reading the news paper, only better! 
It has good news and pretty art, coupons, and blog candy!  
How can you not like that!?

Today Simon asked to share what you have been inspired to make.  So today's share is just a few things I managed to get done between snacks, tubbies and oh so many questions! 

This is a post card for a mail art swap.  

And this is a card I made for Ashlyn to use for the wedding she went to over the weekend.  
And of course I had to take a few photos getting ready for the wedding.  
It's not often you can get Jared in dress clothes! 

Jordynn did not like the idea of pictures without her.  
So once that was out of the way she thought Ashlyn needed a flower, so cute!


And Ashlyn always photogenic with that beautiful smile.  
And Jared in his camo tie.  

Jared tolerated the  photo shoot asking "does this qualify as our fall pictures?" 
We just laughed.  


  1. Fun post! I love that you "tried" to teach her to clean the stamps! lol!

    Nice pix of Ash and Jared too! Ash is looking great! That weeding card is really pretty... I'm sure the bride enjoyed it. :)

  2. Great pics and a lovely fall day for sure!!! I am so jealous!!!

    Your niece looks like she is having a blast in your craft room. What a wonderful aunt you are!

    That card is spectacular!!! Love the colors used.

  3. Your niece is adorable, looks like she had lots of fun. The wedding card is very pretty. Your pictures are great. The peacock, is he a permanent resident or just a visitor?

  4. What a cutie. Cant imagine how you could create a thing with her helping you! Lol. Nice to see family pics. Love the wedding card


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