Friday, April 5, 2013

Square Foot Garden

Hello everyone!  Woohoo it's Friday!  For me it means my husband is officially on VACATION!  And we leave for a cruise very soon!  

One of my stamping friends had mentioned Square Foot Gardening, I had never heard of it so I googled it to find a very interesting concept.  You can have a garden, grow 80% more vegies in 20 % of the space that it would take to row garden.  There is minimal weeding, uses very little water, and no fertilizer.  I mentioned it to my husband and that night he built the box and we filled it with the required soil and even planted some onions already. 

We reused plywood, it's not as pretty as the ones you buy, but will totally serve the purpose and didn't cost anything to build. We chose the area at the top of the driveway where we had previously mulched but didn't have anything growing that we liked. Besides Ed likes to tear thing up with his tractor. 

 We then we added a soil mixture of 1/3 blended compost, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 coarse vermiculite.

Its a very loose soil, that is very easy to plant in.  Really no tools needed.  Then we used twine from my craft room to mark off the squares and it was all ready to go! 

I picked up a bag of mixed onions at Lowes while we were shopping for the soils.  It was the only thing I could think of that could be planted this early in our area.  I just added a row of each kind of onion for now.  I plan on spreading out the planting so we have a continuous harvest.  Literally overnight we had onions sprouting. 

It is still very cold here at night.  So on nights that it has the potential to freeze or frost I cover it with a tarp.  I won't add the next rows of onions until after the 15th when our area shouldn't have to worry much about frost.  I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. 

Have a great weekend! 



  1. This is so cool! I'm going to have to talk to Jeff about it. Once we finish the new playset, that is. :)

  2. This is so awesome!!! I'm off to google it and see if I can convince Brent to help me make one!

  3. Love the garden, Joyce!
    Have fun with it... and enjoy your vacation and cruise too!

  4. My husband is doing this too! He said we should have spinach in a few weeks. He says he wished he had done this years ago!!! He has had many different gardens over the years. Good luck with yours! I should go take a pick of Steve's.


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