Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So with the changes to google coming about and blog reader being retired I thought I would venture out to try to find an acceptable replacement. I think I may have found just that. This morning while having my soft cooked egg and tea I was easily able to get to all the blogs I follow within the one email bloglovin sent me. From there I had the choice to open bloglovin to view my followed blogs or simply scroll through the email to see if anything caught my eye. For the next few days ill list both the pros and cons here to determine if bloglovin is a keeper, or if I will have to search for another option.  You can try bloglovin yourself if you like, would love to hear about the options you are trying.


1.  very easily converts current reading list to bloglovin reading list
2.  Sends one email with a daily update.
3. Has an app for easy smart phone portability
4. You can add groups to sort the blogs you follow.....sewing friends, scrapping friends, food to stay away from....ect.

Can not directly pin from feed, I have found I have to like a post to facebook and pin from there. If someone finds an easier work around please let me know.


  1. I've switched to bloglovin too. My work around is to open the post and PIN directly from there. Good luck with the transition

  2. I am trying "Feedly". Not sure of the pros and cons as I just started. Bloglovin sounds interesting...


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