Monday, October 3, 2011

My new old book case

I really wanted to get rid of the plastic table in my scrap room.  So we under took our first diy project to do just that this weekend.  We started with an old book case my husband was just using for storage in the garage.  We started by adding p board to the back, painting it white, added 3 extra shelves and finished it by adding crown molding to the top. 

I think it trned out fabulous! I want to get a planter for the center top. 

The top shlves are for my fabrics. 

These containers contain my copics, colored pencils, acrylic blocks and glimmer mists. 

Aren't these cute, they are actual jars from a doctors office.  I'm missing oneof the lids, but love the vintage jars so I use them anyway. 

These ae some random items.  The little green box was found in my great aunts house.  They are actually little letters that teachers used to use.  On the right are my flower frogs, and the center is my Making Memoris distress kit.  the photo boxes are for random items.  One is filled with Prima flowers and one has extra sewing supplies.  The last one is waiting for some love. 

And my final area on the left is my cricut center.  With the fabulous cover my friend Marie made me.  Thanks again Marie!

This is the first CARDS magazine I was in, even though my name is spelled wrong. 

My paints and brushes.

And finally my magazines and my mini albums in the bag that my best Secret Sister ever gave me, Ann Marie.  Thanks again Ann Marie! 
and this is what it looked like before the make over.  Actually it spent 2 years in the garage so it looked even worse then this photo. 

I think it turned out fabulous.  And we already have our next project planned which will be a desk for my sewing machine.  I can't wait!  I think my room is a work in progress, but organizing is almost as fun as creating.  I love a neat space. 


  1. It looks awesome Joyce! I love your Dr. Office jars. Everything is so neat & organized. Have fun with your coming projects. I can't wait to see it all finished! :)

  2. Wonderful storage book cage! So pretty AND useful! I love these doctor office jars too! Doesn't stuff in jars look irrisistible? These are like candy for scrappers!

  3. Joyce, you two did an amazing job!! I found two bookshelves with drawers on Craigslist over a year ago, and love them for my stamp room! But doing a DIY is so rewarding!
    Love the doctor office jars and your white boxes for storage. Are those photo boxes you use for your copics, pencils, and mists!
    You motivate me to get organizing!

  4. Your space looks great. Congrats on the pub too, they're a tough cookie to break into.

  5. Ok I am lost, i thought you had already done your room, and it was fabby, I love the shelf, so neat... mine started that way but Oh my goodness not so neat now....


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