Sunday, January 12, 2014

100 by 100 number 12

Spent today putting some photos into an album.  I'm trying to get back to scrapping on a regular basis. I've joined a photo print site to get my photos printed monthly so I don't have to wait to order them.  We will see how that works. 

I also spent some time getting my next letter and photos ready to mail to my PenPal.  She has a daughter so I plan on sending some fun things along for as well. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! 


  1. Cute pictures. Love doggies :-)
    I want to scrapbook more this year, too. My main goal for Tiffany Spaulding's class next week is to get pictures in layout order so I can start scrapping.

  2. Thanks for the welcome to the chicks blogging group :)

    Scrapping is always something I mean to have a go at but never get around to - maybe this year lol

    Take care, love Annexxx

  3. Awesome! One of my projects is to get my 12x12 digi printed pages into my PL album! Can. not. wait!! So fun to look back on!


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