Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pic of the week....

What is this???? We have been trying to figure it out since we found it yesterday. I walk everyday on our dirtroad and came upon this. It was crawling across the road, yup moving and left a slimey trail behind it. Having no idea what it was I took my daughter and camera back to see. We have been googling ever since trying to figure it out. Any ideas?


  1. Is it a tree root? a branch? hard to tell what it is made of from pic

  2. eWWWWW...yuck...bleck...
    it looks like a million little wormy things all stuck together...traveling somewhere..
    I'll ask my brother..he's pretty good at this kind of stuff LOL

    Dee ;)

  3. What ever it is you wouldn't find me near it.

  4. Not sure what it is, but know that I wouldn't want one near me!! ick!!

  5. wow it does look like a huge group of baby worms or something entwined together....interesting!


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